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Loan charge MPs test contractors on ‘unreasonable behaviour’ claims made about HMRC’s instance handling

The Loan Charge All Party Parliamentary Group’s very very first conference leads to cross-party group of MPs quizzing contractors on their dealings with HM Revenue and Customs

HM income and Customs’ (HMRC) behavior is unnecessarily increasing the worries and anxiety experienced by contractors caught by its controversial loan cost policy, a cross-party band of MPs was told.

During a sitting of this Loan Charge All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) into the homes of Parliament on 4 February, five contractors talked about their treatment by HMRC after finding by themselves into the taxation collection agency’s crosshairs because the loan fee policy ended up being introduced in November 2017.

The policy forms the main tenet of a disguised remuneration clampdown by HMRC, that will be intended for recouping the huge amounts of pounds in unpaid work fees it claims lots and lots of contractors avoided spending by joining loan remuneration schemes.

Such schemes could have seen contractors reimbursed for the job they did in the shape of non-taxable loans, instead of a traditional wage. In HMRC’s view, these loans had been never ever designed to be paid back and may have now been categorized as taxable earnings, and it’s also now pursuing individuals for backdated income tax payments that – in many cases – constitute life-changing amounts of income.


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