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Bisexuality is underrepresented in Western news, frequently as a result of bisexual erasure.

Stereotype #8: Bisexual individuals like both women and men 50/50 or that bisexual individuals just like women and men.

Just, not the case. Again, it is something of language as well as the conflation between bisexuality as well as the gender binary and tries to make bisexuality cisnormative and transphobic. When it comes to 50/50, we simply don’t realize why individuals desire to determine attraction. How could you measure attraction? Intimate orientation is fluid. Destinations change, it ebbs and moves. And also this is an item of people attempting to classify, label, and place other individuals in a package, wanting to determine our orientations that are sexual us.

In summary, just what does bisexuality suggest to us?

Druzy: i do believe whenever I ended up being young and had been simply discovering my queerness, bisexuality ended up being easy and simple term as I figured out the rest of my identity and I’ve become older, I’m less attached to my labels for me to grasp on Eventually.


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