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Could you get yourself a personal bank loan having a 550 credit history?

A 550 credit rating sounds much better than 500, however it’s nevertheless a negative credit rating. (It’s 30 points far from “fair” and 120 points far from “good.”) You could be eligible for a unsecured loan having a 550 credit history but once more, your rate of interest should be high.

Here’s an illustration in one principal Financial, which works together with individuals who have bad credit ratings.

When your loan quantity was $1,500 at 35% interest, the payment routine could be as follows:

  • On a two-year loan, $88 each month ($2,112 total)
  • On a three 12 months loan, $68 each month ($2,448 total)
  • For a four-year loan, $58 each month ($2,784 total)
  • On a loan that is five-year $53 each month ($3,180 total)