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26 Things All Girls Did At Slumber Parties

1. Played Light As being A Feather, Stiff being A Board. Since the Craft informed us if we summon our POWERS that it can WORK.

2. And that standing-up version where one girl brings on hidden “strings” from your own hands, while your eyes are closed, and in the end your hands float up.

3. Watched Metal Magnolias. Julia Roberts circa her big-hair duration could be the most useful Julia Roberts. Toss in terminal disease together with Southern and also you’ve got A franken-chick movie for the many years.

4. Until your moms and dads went along to then sleep, and you viewed one thing improper. Like Eurotrip or The Blair Witch venture, two ones that are notable my slumber parties of yore.

5. Played Truth or Dare. Otherwise referred to as effed-up Sophie’s range of needing to take action dangerous and embarrassing or becoming obligated to respond to an emotionally devastating concern. Oh, as well as your close friends are causing you to. That is normal.

6. Dared anyone to endeavor upstairs to complete something which could wake up the potentially host woman’s moms and dads. OMG Erica end giggling.

7. Ate Oreos that the host’s mother arranged actually well for a dish and brought down seriously to the cellar. “Do you realy dudes want some good fresh fresh good fresh fruit alternatively? ” Everybody: “NOOOOOOO. “


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