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“The LW’s perception that he’s an asshole may be the only viewpoint that things right right right here. “

Perception is, by meaning, subjective, so no.

And also for the record, I kinda think you’re an asshole too. In reality, i am pretty certain of it. Nonetheless it matters not just one bit, as it’s simply my perception.

Msh @44, OK. I am a lady and I also’ve determined you are an asshole.; )

(FWIW, the argument had been that through the facts within the page, there isn’t proof that the 3rd had been an asshole, and there was clearlyn’t. The lady under consideration has since provided additional information and I also think most of us agree he had been certainly an asshole. At the very least, the next’s behavior is unimportant here. The boyfriend may be the one that supposedly enjoyed this girl; he is the main one who should back have had her in case of any assholery regarding the section of their 3rd, and rather he led the attack against her boundaries. That is the issue that is real Dan certainly nailed it. )

Raindrop @51, i believe we’ve got our objective concept of the term asshole.